Carpet Cleaning Machines – What Are the Main Types?

There are many different types of carpet cleaning machines on the market today from small vacuum cleaners most commonly found in homes and small offices all the way up to dirt extracting industrial carpet cleaners used in large commercial environments such as airports and conference centres. Although there are many different carpet cleaner types, with all sorts of features and functionality which we shall touch on in more depth within this article, the basic operational function remains that they all remove dirt from floor surfaces and are basically vacuum cleaners for the most part.

Types of Cleaning Machine

The majority of carpet cleaners are what is known as vacuum cleaners and exclusively clean carpets of differing pile, and for the most part only offer dry vacuuming of the surface.

Wet/Dry Cleaners

There however a number of manufacturers who offer machines which can do wet carpet cleaning. This is accomplished either by the operator manually spraying cleaning solution into the soiled area of the carpet or by the machine itself applying the solution in targeted areas. The ability for the cleaning machine to be able to suck up liquids as well as dirt is a great asset for professional cleaning companies as it allows them to widen the services they offer to include the clearing of spillages such as those made by leaking machinery or water pipes. The excess water and dirt can then easily be disposed of by means or a removable tank at the rear of the carpet cleaning machine.

Light-weight/Portable Machines

A number of carpet cleaning machines have been specially designed and manufactured to be light-weight and easy to carry so as to be portable for those environments where they need to be used in different locations in a large complex such as in hotels on different floors. The smaller portable models are simply light enough to be pulled along behind the operator whilst the larger models have been designed with larger rear wheels which when the machines are tilted make them more manoeuvrable. By having large wheel in this way they can even be more easily transported up and down staircases.

Upright/Floor Standing Units

The majority of carpet cleaning machines are described as being upright and as such are more easily operated as the controls and steering handle is higher up. There are a number of popular machines which are floor-standing and require the operator to bend over to use them as they rely on a vacuum hose being used to target the areas of dirt on the carpet. There are exceptions to the rule however as some machines offer the ability to collapse, thus lowering the machines profile so that hard to reach areas of the carpet such as under furniture can more easily be cleaned.

With the amount of carpet cleaning machine available on the market today there will be a machine which is ideal for your carpeted area, which not only cleans, wet or dry but also minimises the amount of time it takes before the carpet can be used again once cleaned.

The cleaning of carpeted areas in business is seen as a necessity but can also be a hindrance as working spaces are sometimes inaccessible when cleaning is in progress do to noise levels or health & safety regulations so it is essential that the cleaning of the premises is completed not only quickly but effectively to maintain high standards for staff and customers alike.