Interested in Carpet Cleaning Machines?

Carpet cleaning machines fall into several categories of cleaning equipment. You cannot avoid cleaning your carpet but the level of cleaning it needs may vary. That’s why we’re going to discuss a few options in carpet cleaning machines. These include vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers, carpet steam cleaning machines and dry carpet cleaning machines. You can either purchase the appropriate machine or rent them. It depends on how often you need a particular cleaning option.

A vacuum cleaner is the most common type of carpet cleaning machine. Almost every home in the country has one. They are perfect for simple dirt removal tasks on every carpet and home furnishing. Almost every one of them has a hose and nozzle for cleaning the crevices of sofas and chairs. They come in upright portable models that easily push across your carpet or as versatile handhelds for easy maneuverability. These are best used for weekly cleaning.

Carpet shampooers are not so much home carpet cleaning machines as they have been professionally employed however there are inexpensive home models that are becoming more and more popular with new home owners. These work great for deep stains that can’t be lifted out with a vacuum cleaner. They dispense a cleaning solution via a hose that runs from a tank to the brushes. The brushes then rotate at a hundred revolutions per minute to really work out the stain. After some drying time you vacuum up behind it to get any residual dirt.

Steam cleaning machines are similar to carpet shampooers in that they use a cleaning solution but it is converted to steam before it hits the carpet. It has rotating brushes that work the stains and a suction hose that removes the broken up dirt. Along with that feature is a heater that follows up to dry the carpet. The best thing about it is it doesn’t make any noise.

Dry cleaning machines are the least efficient way to clean your carpet as they utilize a vacuum first then a pre-cleaner for the stain, and then you brush the area with the dry carpet cleaning machine. It’s a lot of work that most people just aren’t willing to put the effort into. The type of cleaning you need done will be the determining factor to your purchase but these are your best options.