Carpet Cleaning Machines – Are They Worth It?

Through the years, the carpet cleaning machines have been the subject of many debates. Many wondered if these machines are doing a better job for cleaning a carpet than a professional would do. It is a confusing matter because the answer is not always a clear one. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a carpet cleaning machine can do an amazing job, very much like a professional cleaner can. The quality of these machines can widely vary depending on the brand and the type. You can also opt for vacuums that also do the job quite nicely. In this article we will go through different types of cleaning carpet machines.

We can categorize the carpet cleaning machines under two main types – the wet ones and the dry ones. The name says it all really, the wet type will leave your carpet wet after the cleaning process, while the dry version will leave it dry. It’s as simple as that!

The Wet Carpet Cleaning Machines
These carpet cleaning machines use steam. The hot water machines are supposed to be some of the best ones that will also do the job nicely. The cleaning process is quite simple also. Firstly, the solution that is used for cleaning is scattered on the carpet until it reaches the fibers so that it can loosed the oils and dirt. The water that results is vacuumed up at a very high pressure in order to eliminate as much of it as possible. The result will be a fresh and clean carpet. In order to get the top results when using this method you need to keep in mind that you must use hot steam. Only by using very hot steam you will get a very clean carpet with very little moisture left in it.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines

The dry carpet cleaning machines work by spreading the chemical absorbents onto your carpet, after which they will use a special machine to force these chemicals into the carpet fibers. The chemicals are left to sit for a while, after which they will be vacuumed up. The vacuum in these machines needs to be quite powerful in order to do the job right. I recommend that you use this chemical cleaning very carefully, especially around your pets and/or kinds. The best advantage that a dry cleaning machine offers is that it is a more efficient cleaning method than the wet one.

Things You Must Look For When Shopping For Carpet Cleaning Machines

Whether you are shopping for a carpet cleaning machine or a pair of office shoes, you need to take your time. Always be patient with your decision and do not do your shopping in a hurry. Know the product you are about to spend your money on, explore the best options and research for the best ones in the market. When shopping for carpet cleaning machines, if you pay a little attention to some little things, you can purchase something that is truly worth your money.

First of all, you need to know your budget before jumping in a pool of fancy looking carpet cleaning machines. Spending around between $500 and $1,000 is enough for anyone to buy a machine that is packed with all the latest features. Surely, there are machines that are more costly, but your purchase should only be based on you requirements. After you have decided the budget, look for reviews on some of the top brands out there and then limit your search within those brands only.

The size of your carpet machine is important depending on the size of area that you will be cleaning. Furthermore, you need to look at the pressure of your carpet cleaning machine. Remember, you want to reach to the bottom of your carpet for cleaning the embedded dirt and grits but at the same time, you don’t want to apply so much pressure that they get embedded even deeper making your job difficult. Make sure that you select one of those carpet cleaning machines that have a powerful motor to provide you with the required amount of pressure.

The size of cord and hose is the most important thing, because if you will be working on a large carpet, you won’t want to keep moving the machine to find an electric board in every corner to plug in your machine. The lesser the movement of your machine, the easier the job will be for you. So, while you are looking through carpet cleaning machines, make sure you go for the biggest hose and cord size. Another factor is the tank size; bigger the tank, lesser the number of refills. However, a larger tank makes your machine heavier and bulky. In this case, do consider your requirements too. Do not choose a machine with tank larger than what you actually require.

Some carpet cleaning machines come with bonus items. Since the competition is tough in the market, every company wants to do something to attract more customers. Before finalizing your transaction at a shop, look at the extra items you are getting with your machine. An upholstery tool can be a great addition. Finally, make sure that you get moving brushes with your carpet cleaning unit. The number of brushes is another important point. Get higher number of brushes and preferably the moving ones to make your life easier.

About Carpet Cleaning Machines

Keeping carpets clean can be time consuming and at times it may be physically tiring. Because it is a difficult job, getting the right carpet cleaning machine is crucial as this will help not only cut down on time but also clean your carpets correctly and effectively. With the right machine you will be able to remove stains, help prevent damage to your carpets, and in doing so prolong its lifespan and good looks.

The Vacuum Cleaner

There is a wide and at times eclectic range of carpet cleaning machines on the market. The most common are the vacuum cleaners yet even here there are a few different styles to choose from. The “upright vacuum” is one choice while the “canister vacuum” is another. Many people also prefer the “hand-held vacuum” for use on stairs or other areas where a normal vacuum cannot reach. While not as strong as the other two types “hand-held vacuums” are a good household addition.

The “upright vacuum” can be used with either one or two motors. Each motor is designed for the type of dirt as well as the type and the frequency it is used. These types of vacuum cleaners have rotating brushes that are able to scrub stains while vacuuming. However they are not suitable for all types of carpets as their brushes may cause damage to the pile.

“Canister vacuums” on the other hand are versatile, small and easy to store. They offer only one motor and a hand held nozzle that glides over the surface of the carpet. Without the use of agitating brushes they are able to minimize damage.

A vacuum cleaner however is only good for extracting surface dirt. Carpets do entail more in-depth cleaning in order to prolong their use, their looks and minimize damage. Trapped dirt deep within the fibers acts like small knives and with friction will eventually cut the pile and cause damage to the carpet permanently.

While a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable machine for daily maintenance it is only able to extract a small percentage of trapped dirt and dust.

Carpet Cleaning Extractors

This type of cleaner is used for deep cleaning or for use on stubborn stains. It is able to extract dirt from deep within the pile of the carpet, not just the surface. This machine works by injecting the cleaning solution deep into the carpet pile and extracting the dirt trapped there.

Steam cleaning carpet units work by means of extraction using steam to draw out the dirt trapped within the fibers. This machine is particularly effective for getting to dirt that has seeped deep within the carpet. By injecting steam it loosens the dirt and brings it closer to the surface where it can be vacuumed up. However this type of machine leaves residual of moisture behind. The carpet needs to be thoroughly dried before use as any movement on a wet carpet will cause the pile to lie down and look used and unattractive.

Both types of extraction carpet cleaners come in a variety of sizes and offer a host of attachments and accessories. The size should be applicable for what its intended use is while the choice of attachments and accessories are aimed at addressing specific problems such as stains or high traffic area dirt.

Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines

A dry carpet cleaning machine is a type of extraction cleaner which uses a different type of shampoo either in the form of a powder or dry foam. The machine forces the cleaner deep into the fibers bringing the dirt to the surface. Thereafter it is simply vacuumed away leaving the carpet dry and ready for use.

Selecting the right carpet cleaning machine

It is essential that carpets are kept optimally clean. While a vacuum cleaner is good for daily maintenance carpets require deeper cleaning on a regular basis. When it comes time for selecting your carpet cleaning machine you need to make sure that it is right for your application. In order to select the right one you need to first consider how you will be using the machine, how large your carpeted areas are and what type of carpet you have.

Buying Carpet Cleaning Machines Vs Engaging Professional Services

Many of us have reached a dilemma as to which are the better ways and methods to clean our carpets. Should we clean it ourselves or hire a professional? What kind of cleaning machines suits our carpet best? Should we just get a brand new carpet and discard the old and dirty one? Well, all the above depends on factors such as your budget, the degree of stains on your carpet, and also the type of material your carpet is made of.

The first step to decide whether to use a carpet cleaning machine or hire professional services would be to determine the kind of material your carpet is made of. Different materials such as wool, silk or synthetics require different cleaning solutions and products. For instance, if your carpet or rug is made of wool, then you should avoid using heated products or machines. Do not apply bleach too as all these may cause irreversible damage when you are cleaning it. In this case, you should get a professional to do the job instead of ruining the carpet. The second step would be to find out what kind of cleaning products suit your carpet best. Selected products must be capable of breaking down all the dirt and dust as well as killing all germs and bacteria found on it. Nevertheless, it should not be too strong to a point that it can cause damages to the carpet.

Suppose you have come to a decision, and intend to get the carpet cleaning machine, you should now find out which one of those to buy. A wide range of cleaning machines is available in the market and you will have to look for the ideal equipment to effectively clean your carpets. The main problem that every carpet faces is the stains that are hard to remove. There may be many children running and playing on the carpet or you may have pets that will dirty your carpet too. After assessing the type of stain your carpet will face, you will be able to decide whether a steam carpet cleaner or a dry carpet cleaner will be most appropriate for your house. Many people would love to have carpets in their homes as it enhances the cozy ambiance; however, the thought of cleaning carpets puts them off. With the correct carpet cleaning machines, people can now clean their carpets without so much hassle.