Which is Better – A Rented Carpet Cleaning Machine Or a Truck? A Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

Revitalizing the carpet in your home or business can make it look and feel like new, but what is the best method to use? You can rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine, or go with a professional truck-mounted machine from a Kansas City carpet cleaner.

You’ll pay less for renting a carpet cleaning machine, but won’t get the same quality job as using a truck-mounted machine from a Kansas City carpet cleaner. The reasons are below. It’s not easy to do a thorough carpet cleaning job by yourself – rented machines can cause complications that do more harm than help. Some of these problems include the destruction of fiber tips, staining, lack of vacuuming so carpet is left damp, use of excess detergent and chemical build-up that causes fast re-soiling.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the disadvantages of renting a Portable machine:

o Machines are heavy and hard to carry around.
o Learning to use and refill the machine can be difficult.
o You’ll need to put down a deposit on rented machines.
o You’re responsible for picking up and dropping off rented equipment.
o You could spend all day cleaning your carpet, stopping every few minutes to dispose water.
o Rented Portable machines don’t clean stairs well.
o The water isn’t as hot as truck-mounted machines.
o It will cost you a lot in electricity to run the machine.

Now take a look at the advantages of a Kansas City carpet cleaner truck mounted machine:

o One phone call and a professional will take care of your carpet cleaning.
o Hot 240-degree water releases cleaning chemicals at an intense pressure.
o Carpeting will be dry in no time with a vacuum that recovers moisture from 500 feet away.
o A huge 100 gallon fresh water tank with on-board water softeners makes the job go fast.
o Unique stair tools effectively clean landings and risers.
o Special solutions neutralize soap residue.
o A low 28 horsepower gas engine is used.
o Chemicals and residue are taken to a designated dumping site.

The frustration of using a rented Portable machine can be avoided by outsourcing the work to a Kansas City carpet cleaner. They will bring the equipment right to your front door, and you won’t pay a cent until the job is over. The next time you are thinking about cleaning your carpet on your own, consider the benefits of a truck-mounted machine from a Kansas City carpet cleaner. It’s fast, convenient, hassle-free and will leave your carpet in its best condition.